Here at Stamford Hyundai we not only will sell you a car, but we can buy one from you too! We buy cars, and we make it a simple and streamlined process to do so at the dealership as you're able to get standout value for your current vehicle and sell in a few easy steps that adds convenience for you!

To sell your car to us, you can start by getting the estimated value from our trade-in tool which will provide you with pricing information on your vehicle. From there you can decide if you'd like to bring it to our dealership for a final appraisal and we'll make an offer. If you take the offer, we'll get you your money and make sure you have all the paperwork needed to sell the car to us, which can be done sometimes within the same day.

You are under no obligation to sell to us, and you don't have to buy a vehicle from us either. We will buy your car because we're looking for standout vehicles to bolster our used car collection. This process is a lot easier than having to make your own listings and fielding calls, texts and emails from people and having to wade through who is serious and who is not. This way you come to us, we make an offer, if we agree, we get you your money and you can go on your way with a check for your vehicle's value!

To learn more, contact us at Stamford Hyundai serving those in Greenwich, Norwalk, Port Chester and Harrison. We'd be happy to provide you with added details and get started soon.

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